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Automated Infrastructure Management Software (AIM) For Data Center

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Tiancheng

Model Number: AIM-11-Std

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: Negotiable

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union

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Data Center AIM software


Automated Infrastructure Management Software


Data Center Automated Infrastructure Management Software

Automated Infrastructure Management Software (AIM) For Data Center

Automated infrastructure management software(AIM) for Data Center



Product Application

ICT Infrastructure Management Platform provides automated management for intelligent building
ICT infrastructure, including structured cabling, network equipment, end equipment, users,
and so on. It serves as the best auxiliary management tool for large local area network: digital
rubbing of the entire ICT infrastructure can be achieved through a graphical interactive interface;
IT management personnel and field implementation personnel closely link together through
work order system; together with intelligent patch panels, it can achieve patch cord automation
management, such as new adds, moves and changes in the entire network cabinets.

Product Features

Based on BS architecture and HTML 5+CSS+Javascrip technology, AIM management software
supports various terminals. Its user-friendly graphic interface supports major operating systems
(including smart phone operating system), as well as browsers.
Client apps with Baidu map plug-in ensure rapid and accurate creation or discovery of any building,
suitable for multi-site ICT infrastructure management of chain businesses, group enterprises and
multinational enterprises. Meanwhile, digital map system used in the floor information point layout
supports common PDF-version vector drawings featuring non-polar scaling and quick positioning
to each building unit, including data center cabinet channels, management rooms, work areas and
even terminal information panels.
Equipment installation and configuration within the cabinet are reproduced in 1:1 graph radio,
resulting in a digital rubbing. The software has TC's structured cabling equipment bulit in, including
intelligent patch panel products, mainstream brands of switches, servers and other devices. It also
supports customized equipment libraries for users as a way to create their own equipment and
infinitely expand their equipment libraries.